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By Kleenbore - $65.00 (ID=874)
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Kleen Bore Product Information

This KleenBore Cleaning Kit with aluminum Rod is the perfect solution to your cleaning needs. This KleenBore Cleaning Kit with Steel Rod has everything you would need to remove debris and fouling from your firearm. This KleenBore Cleaning Kit with Steel Rod is a great way to refresh your gun and protect it from the elements too. You will see a difference in performance and accuracy after you clean your gun with the KleenBore Cleaning Kit with Steel Rod. A quick wipe down with the Silicone gun cloth will wipe away fingerprints and other oils that could damage the firearm. This is a must have. • KleenBore Rifle Cleaning Kit With Steel Rod • Manufacturer Number: K206 • Caliber: 20g • Kit Includes: o 3 piece aluminum rod with high impact plastic handle o Adaptor included to accept .10, .12, .16, .20, .28, 410 gauge accessories o Phosphor bronze bore brush o High impact nylon patch holder o Formula 3 gun conditioner cleans, lubricates & prevents rust o Cotton Cleaning Patches & bore mop o Field cloth…impregnated with silicone to eliminate fingerprints o Utility brush for cleaning actions, feed mechanisms, checkering & other hard to reach areas o Storage box with expert gun cleaning instructions

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