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Led Lenser P14 Flashlight/Torch in Gift Box - Batteries Included

By Led Lenser - $115.00 (ID=6098)
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Great for Camping or Hiking

Our LED LENSER® P14 features the Dynamic Switch (3 levels of brightness) and a 39 mm reflector-lens. In combining them with the new Super Light Chip, we have achieved a level of focusing that sends an incredibly sharp light beam into the night. This lamp is world class. But there’s more: When you move the lamp head, the concentrated beam wondrously expands to form a wide, homogeneous circle of light that enables you to evenly illuminate large areas. The LED LENSER® P14 is operated with 4 alkaline Mignon batteries that cost about 1 Euro at the discount store. Hence, this lamp not only sets new standards in luminous efficiency and focusing, but also in economy.


• LED High End Power LED
• Length 205mm
• Weight 383.5 grams
• Luminous Flux 210 lm
• Batteries 4 x AA (Included)
• Energy Tank 16,8 Wh
• Burning Life 104 h
• Beam Range 280 m

Led Lenser P17 Torch in Gift Box - Batteries Included

By Led Lenser - $150.00 (ID=6097)
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Police officers, firefighters and emergency forces need robust, super-bright flashlights that withstand continuous use and exceptional conditions. They have to be shock-proof and resistant to great variations in temperature. The LED Lenser P17 meets all of these demands and is also up to mark when it comes to recreational activities and sports.

Hunters and anglers will delight in this technological master - piece, for it combines light source, optics and user-friendliness in an ideal way. The lamp is operated with 3 D Cell batteries that provide a surprisingly long service life at low cost. The newly developed switch offers you a choice between extremely bright and dimmed light, so that the LED Lenser P17 can be used both at long range and close-up range. Furthermore, it is a dazzle-free reading lamp. It goes without saying that the P17 is equipped with a unique, scientifically developed optical system that sets new standards in focusing technology.

LED - 1 x Cree
Length - 315.5 mm
Weight - 799 g
Luminous flux - 220 lm
Batteries - 3 x D
Energy tank - 90,0 Wh
Burning life - 280 h
Switch - Dynamic Switch

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