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Nirey Electric Knife Sharpener - KE 198 - Recreational

By Total Knife Care - $195.00 (ID=5741)
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The Nirey KE-198 is a precision machine designed to last for many, many years. Even relatively inexpensive knives can be brought to razor sharpness – IN SECONDS!

Please be aware that The Nirey KE-198 is a sealed unit and does not have any spare parts.

Nirey Electric Knife Sharpener - KE-3000 Professional

By Total Knife Care - $297.00 (ID=5740)
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The Nirey KE-3000 Professional Sharpener is designed for recreational and semi-commercial use.

The Nirey KE-3000 Professional Electric Knife Sharpening Machine has been introduced to bridge the gap between the domestic model, KE-198 and the commercial KE-280 machine. It is not designed for continuous commercial use, as is the KE-280. The typical customer profile would be a recreational hunter or fisherman, professional chef or simply a private individual, maybe a keen amateur chef, who wishes to achieve the ultimate cutting edge.

The Nirey KE-3000 Professional Sharpener utilizes the same patented cushion contact system as the KE-280 - producing the razor sharp and POLISHED edge finish which no other system can match, but uses a lighter frame, motor and transmission than its larger brother. The KE-3000 utilises the same spare parts as the KE-280 and comes fitted with fine abrasives.

Nirey KE-280 Commercial Sharpener

By Total Knife Care - $456.50 (ID=6102)
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The Nirey KE-280 Commercial Sharpener is designed for continuous commercial use.

The Nirey KE-280 Commercial Sharpener is a totally new concept in professional knife sharpening. Featuring a patented cushion contact system which not only produces edges sharper than when the knife was new, but also produces a polished finish - eliminating the need for honing.

How the sharpener works

!< There are 2 closed-cell rubber covered wheels, each carrying endless abrasive belts. The left wheel sharpens the left side of the blade and the right wheel, the right side. The cushion contact system produces a razor sharp smooth cutting edge which does not require a honing steel.

During sharpening, the knife is supported at the correct angle by the central guide. Cleaning and replacement of the abrasives is simple, taking less than 1 minute. Other than this, there is no maintenance required.

The Nirey KE-280 comes fitted with fine abrasive belts mounted on the carrier wheels.

• Wheel Speed 2,500 RPM
• Torque 3,000 GCM
• Weight 2.25 kg
• Length 32 cm
• Width 12 cm
• Height 11 cm
• Approvals VDE, CE, UL, CUL
• Sharpening Angle 15°
• Input 220V - 230V ~ 50Hz - 180W
• Wattage 85.7
• Guarantee 12 Months

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