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The Shooting Zone Noticeboard

Cosgrove Annual Shoot

Cosgrove Gun Club Annual Shoot
Wednesday 2nd July 2008, 11am start

Event 1. 30 Target Handicap
Event 2. 30 Target D/B Championship
For more information, please contact
President - Gavin Gall - 0429 696 890

Cape York Enterprise

Expressions of interest are called for investors in a fully operational 160,000 acre cattle station. A hunting, dogging, fishing and wildlife observation safari has been successfully run as “Cape York Hunting” over the past 12 months.

Princess Charlotte Bay is 1 hour away by road. Game fishing for Barramundi, Saratoga, Red Claw and Cherapin are caught from the Lukin, Coleman and King Rivers, which traverse through the property.

Numerous natural springs, swamps, lagoons and permanent water courses are abundant with wildlife.

For $150,000 you could be part owner of this unique part of paradise.

A limited amount of shares will be offered.

For more details contact Bruce (07) 40911588 or mobile 0427 737 833.

The Outdoor Life Show

On 94.1FM. Wednesday mornings 6-45am to 10am or listen live off the net at An entertaining weekly program focusing on hunting, shooting & fishing.


We have a long list of customers looking for second hand firearms of all different makes and calibers. If you have one you are longer using or wish to sell, please contact us.

Sale of Second Hand Firearms

Any Licenced Firearms holder wishing to sell a second hand firearm on this website may do so by submitting a contact form with all the relevant details of the firearm and a jpg image.Once the form is received,confirmed and it's identity authorised it will be placed for sale and public viewing on the website.

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