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Coaching by Russell Mark...

Russell Mark has been one of the world's best trap shooters for over a decade. His Olympic Gold Medal in Atlanta and Silver in Sydney as well as his Australian Record in D.T.L. with a massive 1177 consecutive hits proves that Russell knows how to be a successful shooter.

Russell has also proven that he can be a successful coach. He has coached many National and World ranked shooters across the globe.

As a qualified level 2 coach, Russell is able to coach shooters of any level. He has already coached in many corners of the world but no better then the Australians where he is currently coaching some of our up and coming juniors. For further information on Russell’s coaching please look at or phone 1300 SHOOTING

Coaching by Lauryn Mark...

Lauryn is a qualified Level 1 Coach under the United States National Sporting Clays Association. She has recently started to coach in the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia’s “Women in Shooting” Program where she is demonstrating her skills and coaching women who are starting out in the sport for the first time.

Lauryn is also currently a head coach of the Australian National Junior Development Squad.

For further information on Lauryn’s coaching please look at or phone 1300 SHOOTING

Dry Fire Clay Target Training System

Dry Fire Clay Shooting Simulation Systems

Coaching in the comfort of your own home

"C Grade to A Grade in three months!"

No guarantees - but that's the sort of thing that happens when you use DryFire!
Intensive practice with DryFire helps you climb beyond those annoying plateaus as your shooting improves.
250 shots after work and before dinner, every night of the week, is totally realistic with DryFire - how much would that normally cost you in cartridges and range fees?
All this in the comfort of your own home, in the warm and dry, 365 days a year!
The photo shows DryFire Version 3 with dual heads and with a single head - both systems support doubles.
Both are about 185mm x 140mm x 110mm (About 7.5" x 5.5" x 4.5")
DryFire in a nutshell

DryFire lets you practice clay shooting in the comfort of your own home.
* You use your own shotgun - the DryFire muzzle insert pops into any 12g, 20g or 28g barrel - S/S, O/U or single barrel.
* You have total freedom of movement - no wires from your shotgun.
* You use your choice of chokes and cartridges.
* It supports all clay disciplines - skeet (English, American, Olympic), trap (DTL, ABT, UT, Olympic singles/doubles, American) and sporting.
* It works in front of any wall (bedroom, study, living room, garage) 3m (10ft) or more wide. Please avoid brick, stone or rough walls - the laser gets lost.
* You call "Pull", acquire, swing, fire and follow through exactly as normal.
* You must allow the same amount of lead as when outdoors.
* DryFire shows you exactly where your shot string went in relation to the clay - to the nearest centimetre (1/2").
* Do it wrong, or drop your concentration, and you will miss with DryFire - but at least you will know where you missed.

How does it do this?
* DryFire software runs on any Windows-based PC. (Note: we do not support Apple Mac.)
* The simulator is connected to the PC with a USB cable.
* Each simulator head contains a laser to generate the target and a digital camera to detect your shot.
* You enter your gun, cartridge, choke and personal details into the PC.
* You select your discipline and target using the PC.
* On the call of "Pull" the simulator launches a laser dot across the wall in front of you. The dot represents the leading edge of the clay.
* The laser dot follows exactly, the same angular trajectory at exactly the same angular speed, as the real thing.
* You acquire, swing and fire, exactly as normal - the muzzle insert sends a beam of invisible IR light towards the wall.
* The digital camera in the simulator head picks up the IR shot, the software does its calculations and the PC screen shows you the result.

Information after each shot

The software provides you with:
* Hit/miss information.
* The distance of the centre of the shot-string from the clay. How far above, below, ahead or behind you were.
* The distance of the clay from you at the time the shot string reached it.
* The time after release when the shot-string reached the clay.

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